What is myTaskHall?

This website, myTaskHall, is designed as a peer-to-peer marketplace for digital items, crypto assets, crypto collectibles and NFTs. With myTaskHall, you have the opportunity to sell, buy, auction and discover more! Join us today!

myTaskHall was created for the following, though not limited to:

  • Web store for selling digital and tangible goods: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
  • Web store for selling and buying using cryptocurrency: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
  • Area to sell and purchase NFTs
  • Create a crowdfund
  • Create an Initial Coin Offerings, also know as an ICO.

For security and safety, we currently employ the use of the following, though not limited to:

  • MetaMask (For crypto wallet)
  • Smart Contracts
  • HTTPS for secure communication over a computer
  • And More!

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